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Safety Plate PVC Rectangular

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Dimensions220x50cm, 220x70cm and 182x75cm
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The protection plates are available for your table tops in the sizes 220x50, 220x70 and 182x75cm. A protective plate is the perfect accessory to protect your table and your table cover. The protective plate is made of the material polypropylene, a hard plastic. In addition, the material is transparent in colour, allowing you to retain the original colour of your table.

The material used is moisture repellent and has a strong character. This makes moisture and stains easily removable. Due to its strong character, the protective plate offers a strong and solid surface, which is also non-slip so that your glasses and plates will not slide quickly.

The protection plate can be used on top of your table, but can also be used between a table cover and top cover. This way your table cover is protected against stains and moisture and you only need to wash your top cover for the next use.

Please note that colours may differ from the picture.