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Catering protection screen / splash screen restaurants Office separation wall / prevention screen

Table height110-115 cm
MaterialPVC (0,4mm)
InstructionsRemove with cleaning vinegar for a faster reduction of odor
Minimal order1 piece
ExtraUV protective and recyclable such as oilcloth


Looking for a catering separation wall during this corona crisis? Order a corona screen from DENA for your hospitality, café or restaurant and make sure that customers run a reduced risk of contaminating other guests. DENA uses unique PVC material, which makes the price of these corona screens much cheaper than if you buy a plexiglass screen that will be placed between the tables or chairs. In addition, after the corona crisis, DENA's separation walls can also be used as a coaster over tables, so multifunctional!

The Corona screen can be used as a "splashwall" and "partition wall" and can therefore be well used in catering establishments, offices, shops or other spaces. The separation wall is available in size 200x150 cm. Other sizes are possible on request. This screen is provided with 12 metal rings which makes the screen easy to install. 

Our catering separation wall is made of the material UV resistant PVC, a soft plastic. In addition, the material is transparent in colour, allowing you to keep a good view. Stains are easily removable. The separation wall is recyclable, can be reused as a cover or tablecloth and is also fire retardant.  

Catering corona screen for restaurants

Restaurants, terraces and cafes also must take their precautions in order to reopen. If everyone wants to go back to the public eateries, there should be enough protection to be able to sit quietly at your table. To place Plexiglas anywhere, you must make a considerable investment, while you can also opt for a cheaper and equally safe solution: PVC separation wall from DENA! These plastic screens can easily be hung between the tables with the ring holes that have been punched in the separation wall. In addition, the screens are easy to cut so that they can be hung in the right size to suit the layout of your space. 

Difference Plexiglas and PVC

At DENA we choose to use PVC corona screens opposite the very popular plexiglass screens you see in every shop. The purpose of such a screen is to ensure that saliva or other liquid substances, for example, cannot easily be transferred to another person. As a result, a screen is placed between the two people or groups to reduce the risk. Whether the expensive plexiglass or PVC is used here, does not matter for the protection of your guests. 

In addition, the use of PVC allows you to cut the corona screens to size. If you need a specific size in your room, restaurant, café, pub or terrace, you can easily have it cut to size at DENA.

Even after the Corona crisis, the screens can still be used as tablecloths. So, you don't have to throw away these corona screens from DENA when they no longer need to be used as a protective wall. 

Perhaps the most important thing is that you are much cheaper if you opt for a PVC plastic protective wall in your hotel and catering business. The costs are up to 90% lower and that is an important argument in this time of crisis. In short, enough reason to opt for a corona screen of DENA's for the hospitality sector.

Plexiglas is also less recyclable, while DENA's PVC partition walls are perfectly durable and recyclable. When buying corona screens from DENA, you think not only of your wallet, but also of the environment!

DENA, specialist in the hospitality industry

DENA has been a specialist in the hospitality industry for many years and supplies textiles in all shapes and sizes. However, with the corona crisis DENA tries to meet the demand of its customers as well as possible, namely by offering cheap corona screens that can be used in restaurants, restaurants, cafes or on terraces. In addition, we can customize the corona screen and provide a manual on how to hang the screens.

Choose DENA's plastic screens and choose a cheap, durable and safe solution to make your guests feel safe, so that you can give them the welcoming feeling they are used to!

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