Our brand is produced entirely in-house. From the purchase of the yarn to the production of the finished product. Very important in this process is our Production company NIDO in Kochani, The company, NIDO is estabilished in January 2004. Since the start of the company, our production workshop has grown into a modern and advanced production company capable of producing large numbers without loss of quality.

“estabilished in January 2004”

All our models are designed at our office in Wageningen Netherlands. Every day our teams in the Netherlands and North Macedonia are working on new ideas and designs.

We receive weekly deliveries from producers of fabric and other materials. All deliveries are checked for color fastness, quality and grammage before they are stored in our 2500 square meter warehouse.


In order to keep efficiency, focus and quality high at all times during the process, our factory is divided into different departments and teams. For example warehouse, sampling, cutting, sewing, printing and embroidering, quality control, packaging division.The progress of each department is closely monitored by our management team using our advanced computer system. This enables us to monitor and guarantee the process from the Netherlands as well.

NIDO has over 60 employees in the sewing department, producing the products on high-performance Juki machines. All our workshop employees meet high standards. We also have various forms of in-house training in order to educate and improve colleagues. This ensures a positive working atmosphere and contributes to the quality of your products.


We are working with different kind of software systems like, Gemini, Nest Expert, Wilcom EmbroideryStudio & Adobe programs. Employees  who work with these special programs are specially trained. To ensure the growth of our company, we continue to invest in our systems and employees.


"good working conditions for it’s employees”


DENA, CHEFFIX and MEDI-FIRST articles stand for quality and this translates to our human resources policy at our factory, as well. We ensure that we follow all labour laws to the letter and we provide good working conditions for our employees. For this reason, we are rewarded with the BSCI certificate level A.

NIDO in Kochani is located 2,180 kilometres from the head office in Wageningen. We export every week and in some cases twice a week. This means that we generally deliver items outside our standard range within 10-20 days.


“located 2,180 kilometres”