In order to respond to the increasing demand for our products, the fast changing market in which fast delivery of products is essential to serve Dena's customers, our production facility has moved from China to Macedonia in 2013. This production facility has grown within a number of years into a professional and advanced production company with a high capacity. As a result, Dena is able to expand its standard product range by developing existing products and in particular by developing new products. You as our customer are central to this and we are open to your opinions and ideas.

In order to achieve such capacity, Dena's purchasing department is in direct contact with the factory. Production is managed daily from our head office in Wageningen and all developments within production are discussed. All our models are designed in our workshop in the Netherlands. The pattern is then sent to the sample department in the factory, where they produce the desired product. In addition to daily contact, our designers/buyers visit Nido in Kochani every month

Weekly deliveries from our fabric suppliers arrive in the factory. Upon arrival, these deliveries are extensively checked for colour, weight and quality and then stored in the warehouse with a capacity of 200,000 metres of fabrics. Our cutting department ensures that the products are cut quickly and effectively and then go into production in the sewing department.

The sewing department consists of more than 50 employees, who manufacture the products on high quality Yuki lock machines. All our employees have the desired experience and are trained internally. In order to make optimal use of the capacity of the factory, the products are divided into different groups. DENA articles stand for quality and this also applies to the personnel policy in her factory. DENA ensures that all labour laws are optimally complied with and that working conditions are good for its employees.

The distance between the showroom in Wageningen and the factory in Kochani is 1637 kilometres as the crow flies. Twice a week an export takes place whereby the transport time from the factory to the DENA warehouse is 3 working days. This enables us to deliver your special request within 10 days. The large capacity and short lines make it possible for Dena to switch quickly and thus meet all your requirements.

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