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Mouthmask Print Hello 2021, 100% Cotton Model without pleats

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Washing instructions
  • - Wash up to 40 ℃
  • - Wash dark colours separately
  • - Spin lightly and hang wet
  • - For white and ecru light-bleaching agents limited possible
  • - Do not use chlorinated bleaching agents for colours
Minimum order1 piece
ExtraMouth masks are reusable


Are you ready for the turn of the year? With this mouth shield you certainly are! No standard black or white mouth cap, but with the nicest happy new year prints! Our prints are also very trendy, so that's twice as much fun!

A trendy mouth shield

Our printed mouthpieces are made of 100% cotton, double layer, which means that the mouthpieces can be washed at 40 degrees while maintaining quality, color fastness and fit. Furthermore, the fine part of cotton is that it does not cause irritation to the skin and does not sweat. There is a seam in the middle of the mouth masks so that the mouth mask can fit better.

Mouth caps

Wearing a mouth mask is recommended in some situations, especially when there is a high risk of infection. In other countries, for example, it is now recommended to wear a mouth mask in public everywhere. In the Netherlands this is not yet the case, but in public transport for example, it is already mandatory to wear one. If you don't want to wear a boring white mask like everyone else, buy a nice print like this! We supply quality mouthpieces and provide with our advanced printers for a top quality print and printing.

Protection of a mouth mask

Wearing a mouth mask or cap is hygienic. Not only in times of Corona, but in general mouth masks are worn in areas all over the world. This reduces the transmission of bacteria and viruses, which is beneficial for everyone. However, DENA's Christmas mouth masks are not suitable for medical activities. Doctors and nurses use mouth masks that are medically approved. However, these caps do provide some form of protection and these mouth masks are also recommended in public transport or in places where the one and a half meter cannot be guaranteed.

The advantages of this mouth mask

✔ Washable at 40°C

✔ Material cotton, so no skin irritations

✔ Fine fit

✔ Trendy prints

✔ Sustainable

✔ Fast delivery