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Looking for an office separation or prevention screen during this corona crisis? At DENA you can easily and quickly order a corona office screen that you can place between the desks or chairs of your employees! This makes employees feel safe and reduces the risk of viruses or bacteria spreading! Choose a PVC separation or prevention screen for your office in this corona crisis and save up to 90% on the purchase of a separation or prevention screen.

DENA uses unique PVC material, which makes the price of these corona screens much cheaper than if you buy a plexiglass screen that will be placed between desks, desks, workstations or behind the counter. In addition, after the corona crisis, DENA's separation wall can also be used as a coaster over tables, so multifunctional!

The Corona separation wall is easy to use as a "splash wall" and "partition wall" in offices and other spaces and can therefore be used well in catering establishments, offices, shops or other spaces. The office mudguard is available in size 200x150 cm. Other sizes are possible on request. This office screen is provided with 12 metal rings which makes the screen easy to install. 

Our corona office protection wall is made of the material UV resistant PVC, a soft plastic. In addition, the material is transparent in colour, allowing you to keep a good view. Stains are easy to remove. The office separation wall is recyclable, can be reused as a cover or tablecloth and is also fire retardant.   

Corona separation wall for the office

The necessary precautions are also taken within offices and companies in order to be able to reopen and admit all personnel again. When everyone returns to the office, there should be enough protection to be able to sit quietly at your desk and be shielded from clients and colleagues. To place Plexiglas anywhere, you must make a considerable investment, while you can also opt for a cheaper and equally safe solution: PVC separation wall from DENA! These plastic prevention screens can easily be hung between the desks with the ring holes punched in the separation wall. In addition, the screens are easy to cut in order to hang them in the right size that fits perfectly with the design of your office space, meeting room or business premises. 

Difference Plexiglas and PVC

At DENA we opt for the use of PVC corona screens as opposed to the very popular Plexiglas prevention screens that you see hanging in the office and at every counter. In the office, it is important that you are not infected by a virus or bacteria. You can prevent this by placing a screen or partition wall between the people, as long as you cannot keep a 1.5 meter partition between your colleagues. We at DENA have a cheaper solution for this corona screen than you have when buying Plexiglas as a prevention screen at the office.

In addition, the use of PVC allows you to cut the corona screens to size. It is logical that not every office looks the same and every desk has a different size. Because of this it is sometimes difficult to use the regular sizes and we can deliver the PVC made to measure on request!

Perhaps the most important thing is that you are much cheaper if you choose a PVC plastic protective wall in your office space or company. The costs are up to 90% lower and that is an important argument in this time of crisis. In short, enough reason to opt for a corona screen in the office of DENA.

Plexiglas is also less recyclable, while DENA's PVC separation walls are perfectly durable and recyclable. When you buy corona screens from DENA, you think not only of your wallet, but also of the environment!

Plastic prevention screen from DENA!

DENA is specialised in the catering industry, but with this prevention screen it also has the ideal solution for offices to bring more safety and thus prevent the spread of a virus!

Choose DENA's separation walls and choose a cheap, durable and safe solution to make your employees feel safe.

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