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  1. Tableskirting Boxpleat
    As low as €54.95
  2. Tableskirting Plissé
    As low as €45.25
  3. Tableskirting Unpleated
    As low as €27.95
  4. Combi skirting Boxpleat rectangular
  5. Combiskirting Boxpleat Round
  6. Combi skirting Plissé Rectangular
  7. Combi skirting Plissé Round
  8. Combi skirting Unpleated Rectangular
  9. Combi skirting Unpleated Round

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Table skirts

Are you looking for a table skirt that will make your event feel unique? Buy your table skirt at DENA. We have accumulated a wealth of experience when it comes to providing textile products to the catering industry. We know it is important to create different types of table skirts that suit each unique event. Table skirts can have many purposes – a table skirt can be used as a buffet table skirt or to create a chic atmosphere at your conference.

Table skirts in every colour

DENA has a wide variety of table skirts on offer. We have a large range of colours available for your table skirts, including white, black, blue and many more. You can design the looks of your party or event exactly how you would want to. This allows you to create every atmosphere and vibe you could ever think of. Are you looking for a formal black table skirt or perhaps for a trendy red skirt? There is an abundance of choice and with DENA you can choose any colour you would like.

Table skirts in different shapes

The DENA table skirt is available in many diferent shapes and sizes. We have table skirts with different types of folds, while we also offer unfolded skirts. You could choose for a table skirt with a wide fold, our boxpleat model. We also offer a table skirt with small folds, our plisse model. We also offer many unfolded table skirts.

Combi skirts vs table skirts

We don’t just offer table skirts, we also have combi skirts available. The combi skirt has two purposes: it serves as a table skirt as well as a tablecloth. A combi skirt is essentially a table skirt with a tablecloth sewn onto it. A table skirt does not have a tablecloth attached to it – it merely is a skirt around a table. The combi skirt and the tablecloth are attached to tables in different ways. A table skirt is put on a table by using clips or velcro while a combi skirt is simply draped over the table.

Buffet table skirts

Our table skirts are great to use as buffet table skirts. To give your table that extra wow-factor while also protecting it, simply use a table skirt around a buffet table. DENA’s table skirt is especially suited to use as a buffet table skirt, as it can be washed at 40 degrees Celsius, which will remove most stains and dirt instantly.

Tailor-made table skirts

Just like all our other products, table skirts can be custom made. It may well be that you ordered a table without knowing that it doesn’t fit any average sized table cloths. DENA has prepared for this. We guarantee that any table can wear a table skirt, and that’s why DENA offers this solution. Are you looking for a special table skirt? Buy your tailor-made table skirts from DENA!

Add a print to your table skirt

Looking to print a specific colour, design or logo onto your table skirts? That is definitely possible. DENA has a team that specialises in making sure your printed table skirts perfectly match your event. From logo, to text to picture – all can be printed onto table skirts. Do you want to give your event a finishing touch by using a particular design or logo? Buy your printed table skirts from DENA.

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