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Tablecover Basic D2 Ø80-85cm Print Heart forever Pink

Table height110-115cm
MaterialStretch 160gr/m2 (90% Polyester 10% Elastane)
Was instructies
  • -Wash up to 40 ℃
  • - Wash dark colours separately
  • - Spin lightly and hang wet
  • - For white and ecru light-bleaching agents limited possible
  • - Do not use chlorinated bleaching agents for colours
Minimum order1 piece


Buy the cutest valentine/wedding cocktail table cover from Dena! To bring the romance still nice in your home, Dena has recreated this cocktail table cover for you. Because of those sweet hearts, the stat table cover is very nice for Valentine's Day, but the cover is also very nice for a wedding.

Wedding/valentine table cover

Our wedding/valentine cocktail table cover Basic, type D2/D3/blowmolt/sligro stat table, is available in the size Ø80-85cm. This model fits on tables with a (standard) height of 110cm or 115cm. The Basic is a stretch cover made of the material Stretch 160gr/m2 (90% Polyester 10% Elastane). Stretch 160gr/m2 (90% Polyester 10% Elastane) consists of 90% Polyester and 10% Elastane. The weight of the material is 160gr/m2. Due to the good stretchability of the material, the cover is easy to install and deinstall. In addition, all covers are equipped with PVC feet. These PVC feet are applied with elastic thread for optimal reinforcement. Finally, all our products, including this cocktail table cover, have Oeko-Tex standard.


Our Basic, type D2/D3/Blowmolt/Sligro standing table, offers the perfect fit when you install the cover around a table with an uneven distance in the base. In this case, the horizontal distance between your undercarriage is divided into two different dimensions. The images show which tables these are.

The washing instructions for this valentine/wedding standing table cover are as follows:

  • After washing, it should be hung out immediately (when the material is still damp).
  • For white fabrics, use bleach only when necessary.
  • For colors, use detergent without chlorine bleach.
  • Always wash dark colors separately (40 °C).

The advantages of this valentine/wedding table cover are:

✓ After washing the print remains beautiful
✓ Good stretchability in the fabric
✓ Easy to install on your table
✓ Good price / quality ratio