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  1. Banquetcover Set Arcade
    As low as €41.25
  2. Banquet cover Set Rialto
    As low as €41.25
  3. Banquet cover Set Stretch Fortune
  4. Banquet cover Set Salto
    As low as €24.95
  5. Beertable cover Arcade
    As low as €23.63
  6. Beertable cover Fortune
    As low as €34.95
  7. Beer bench cover Arcade 220x25cm
  8. Beer bench cover Rialto 220x25cm
  9. Beer bench cover Fortune 220x25cm

9 Items

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Beer table covers

Are you looking for a beer table cover? DENA has a large product range to help you complete the looks of your beer table with a cover. You can choose any of our regular colours, but feel free to get in touch with us if you are looking for dcustom-made products, such as a printed beer table cover or a cover that requires a particular size.

Beer tables come in many different colours and sizes. As they are used often, there are many beer tables that have some wear and tear, which doesn’t look great at your event. Add covers to your beer tables to give them extra colour and finish the look of your party! At DENA we understand like no other how important decoration and style is for your event – we love to help you with highlighting the theme of your party in your covers.

Custom-printed beer tables

Beer tables are used for events which often have their own themes and colours. Beer tables can be used for company events or trade fairs – at such events it is important that delegates can see your company’s logo! At DENA we will assure you that the logo or image printed on your beer table covers is of the higest quality. Our top design team will help you create a synergy between all decorated items at your event by getting a custom print ready for your beer table covers.

Oktoberfest beer table covers

Beer tables take the centre stage during Oktoberfest celebrations. At each event, beer tables have to be decorated with covers. DENA will develop your beer table covers in the right size, even if you have an odd-sized beer table. We can even print your own logo onto your beer table covers, so they look exactly like how you imagined! This allows you to advertise your business during the event. The service can also be used for weddings by printing pictures or the names of the bride and groom onto the covers. Printed beer table covers also add a nice touch to other catering events.

Beer table covers in various colours

You can buy your DENA beer table covers in different colours. We have many regular colours which are available for instant delivery, while we can also add a special colour to your beer table covers so they match the theme of your event’s decoration. We can also add patterns and images onto your beer tables, such as an image of a beer glass or the logo of your compay. You can decorate your party or event however you like! This allows you to create the atmosphere you are looking for. Are you looking for a formal black beer table cover or a trendy red one? There is an abundance of choice and with DENA you can choose nearly any colour you would like.

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